Mattresses 101: Ultimate Guide Of All Types Of Mattresses

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is when it comes to our health and quality of life. If you fail to get a proper night’s sleep you probably feel sluggish and grouchy in the morning. However, if this happens on a regular basis, it is not just your mood that is affected but many different areas of your health.

There are various tips that can help to ensure you get a better night’s sleep and this includes making sure you get one of the best types of mattresses for your needs. There are various different types of mattresses you can choose from these days, so you need to ensure you find the right one for you.

You should never skimp on quality when you are buying any sort of mattress as this will result in a substandard mattress and uncomfortable nights. With the wrong mattress, you could end up not only failing to sleep properly, but you could even affect things such as your back or posture on a long-term basis. This is why thorough research is required when you are choosing from amongst the best types of mattresses as this will help to ensure you make the right choice from the start rather than wasting money on an unsuitable mattress.

Factors to Consider When Looking at
Different Types of Mattresses

There are various factors you need to take into consideration when you are looking at different types of mattresses. By doing this, you can boost the chances of finding the perfect mattress for you, which in turn means a great night’s sleep. Some of the factors you have to consider when you are making your choice include the softness or hardness level, the size of the mattress, the price, and the type of mattress.

All of these factors play an important price in terms of suitability, so you need to take them all into consideration. You should also make sure you buy from amongst the best types of mattresses from a reputable retailer that offers a high level of service. This will make it easier to get things sorted out in the event of a problem. Check and see what sort of warranty you get with the mattress as this will enable you to enjoy greater peace of mind and protection.

The Main Types of Mattresses to Choose From

There are various types of mattresses that you can choose from, which is good news for those that want to enjoy a restful sleep. The excellent choice of mattress types means that everyone should be able to find the perfect mattress for their needs without too much of an issue. So, let’s take a look at the main mattress types you can choose from:

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring or coil mattress is probably the one most people are familiar with because it is the most traditional mattress type. These mattresses have always been popular because they have been around for decades and are available at an affordable price. First invented in the mid-1800s, these mattresses have evolved over the decades to make them more comfortable for users. They now have a coil support system made from steel and offer a decent level of support. The coils themselves may be in individual pockets or could be connected depending on the exact mattress you choose.

types of mattresses: innerspring mattress

While it may not sound very comfortable to have spring coils underneath you all night, these are covered by padding to provide softness and support. If you have a partner, you may want to opt for the individual pocket coils, as you are less likely to be disturbed if your partner moves around in the night. With the connected coils, you may find yourself being disturbed if your partner tends to toss and turn because all the coils work as one unit.

One of the key benefits of choosing an innerspring mattress is the low prices of these particular types of mattresses compared to many others. This makes them ideal for kids’ rooms and guest rooms in your home. Many people also choose these mattresses for themselves rather than going for more expensive options as some find they are perfectly adequate for their needs.

Memory Foam Mattress

Invented in the 1970s by NASA, memory foam has become hugely popular over recent years with many people investing in memory foam mattresses, pillows, and even mattress toppers. One of the key benefits of having a memory foam mattress is that this innovative space-designed material is able to mold to your body shape and ensures your weight is distributed evenly over the mattress. This means you can enjoy superior support and comfort levels.

Memory Foam Mattress

Because this material is activated by heat, it is able to respond to your body heat and then mold itself accordingly to provide the perfect support. Many people who suffer from aches and pains on regular mattresses have found that memory foam has made a huge difference in their quality of sleep and their health. It is also a great choice for those who feel the cold as this material’s response to heat makes the bed feel much warmer.

Of course, the latter can also be a downside if you prefer to stay cool when you are sleeping. Some people find memory foam mattresses make them feel too warm during the night, so you need to decide whether support is more important than temperature. However, these days, you can also get cool memory foam mattresses, which are designed to offer all of the benefits but without making sleepers feel to warm. In terms of cost, a good quality memory foam mattress can be quite expensive, but for many people, it is well worth the cost. It is also worth noting that they should last much longer than a traditional sprung mattress.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for those who want the best of both worlds. These types of mattresses combine memory foam technology with traditional innerspring design to provide you with a mattress that is both comfortable and flexible. This is an excellent choice for many people, as it means you can enjoy memory foam technology and support but you can also enjoy the benefits that come from a sprung mattress.

With these types of mattresses, you can look forward to excellent levels of support and comfort while also enjoying a mattress that is durable and designed to last. These mattresses are far bouncier than memory foam mattresses because they also have the springs, which a standard memory foam mattress does not have. Therefore, if you want a little buoyancy from your mattress but you still want high levels of support and comfort, this could be an excellent choice for you.

The memory foam topping on these mattresses provides an additional layer of protection, as this will be resistant to issues such as mold, allergens, and bed bugs. This type of mattress does not come cheap if you want high quality. In fact, they are amongst the more expensive options available today. However, for many people, the ability to combine the benefits of a sprung mattress and memory foam ones makes it well worth the additional cost.

latex Mattress

Dating back to the 1930s, these mattresses gained popularity in the 1960s but only amongst select circles. This type of mattress was far more costly than other alternatives in those days, which meant only those with plenty of money could really afford to invest in them. These days, however, latex mattresses are far cheaper and more accessible by average consumers. They are still considered an upmarket mattress solution but have become more affordable thanks to advancements in technology over the past few decades.

If you are one of the many people that have an interest in the green cause, this could be a good mattress option for you. This is because you will find eco-friendly latex mattress options available. The support that is offered is similar to that provided by memory foam so you can look forward to a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep when you opt for this type of mattress.

Many people that suffer from the pain the lower region of the back find that latex mattresses provide the ideal level of support. The mattresses are also popular with those who experience a lot of disturbance due to their partner moving around in the night. Its ability to suppress motion means that you are less likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements when you are using a latex mattress.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses have been popular for many years amongst those who love outdoor adventures and like to go camping. With an air mattress, adventurers have been able to enjoy the excitement of being outdoors while also enjoying superior comfort at night rather than being on the hard ground in a sleeping bag. Many people also use air mattresses for unexpected guests and when their kids’ friends come to stay over, as these mattresses provide an element of fun.

Over more recent years, technological advancements have seen air mattresses evolve to where some people have them as their own main mattress in the bedroom. One of the key benefits of these mattresses is having more control over the firmness because you can fill the independent chambers with air as desired to achieve the perfect firmness level. Some of these air beds and mattresses can be adjusted separately from each side, so if one partner prefers a softer base while the other prefers a firmer one, the mattress can be adjusted accordingly.

Some people believe air mattresses will be the most affordable option. However, while there are some cheap ones available, if you want one that offers advanced technology and superior quality you will still be expected to pay a decent price for it. With these beds, it is the technology rather than the material and design you pay for.

Waterbed Option

In the 1970s, these beds became popular, and you would probably have been hard-pressed to go into any celebrity home without coming across at least one waterbed. These beds had something of a sex-appeal to them, which helped to drive their popularity through the 70s and 80s. However, although they are no longer popular in the same way they once were, they are still available for those who want to give them a go.

With waterbeds, you can choose from hard and soft-sided options based on your preferences. The technology and water chamber storage differs slightly between the two options. These mattresses are great for those that love motion when they are resting. If you are one of those people that love to be at sea and feel the motion of the water, this could be a great option for you. The main downside is that these mattresses can spring a leak, so you need to keep a close eye on it to reduce the risk of this happening.

Futon Mattress

For those who live in small apartments or want to have a sleeping option readily available for unexpected guests, a futon mattress could be an ideal choice. These mattresses double up as a chair or sofa padding/cushions but the futon chair or settee can be folded out as and when required to provide you with extra sleeping space.

These mattresses are thin because they have to fold up when you fold the futon bed back up into a sofa or chair. However, they are firm and comfortable if you purchase high quality. Many people that live in studios or small apartments opt for a futon bed and mattress, and some people have them in guest rooms or in their kids’ rooms for when the children’s friends come over to stay.

Choosing a Mattress Based on Your Sleeping Habits

One thing that many people take into consideration when choosing from amongst the best types of mattresses is their sleeping habits. We all sleep in different positions with some people preferring to sleep on their tummies, others on their backs, and some on their sides. You can take your most common sleeping position into consideration when choosing the type of mattress to invest in as this can help. Some common options for different types of sleepers include:

Sleeping on Your Side

If you are one of the many people that sleep on their side, you may wake up with discomfort and pain in the shoulders and hips most mornings. Without proper support, these parts of the body can be put under a lot of pressure when you are sleeping on your side. In order to get the support you need as a side sleeper, you may find that a latex or memory foam mattress is the ideal choice. You may also find that a hybrid mattress is excellent for providing you with a combination of comfort and support.

Sleeping on Your Back

Many people sleep on their backs during the night, and this can understandably put a lot of pressure on the spine if there is not enough support in place. For many back sleepers, lower back pain can become a big issue due to over extending the spine during the night. It is important to choose a firm mattress as a back sleeper, as this will prevent sinking when you are lying down, which in turn reduces the risk of overextending the spine and experiencing lower back pain. A firm hybrid or innerspring mattress is a good choice, or you could even consider a high-quality air bed.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Finally, we have those that tend to sleep on their stomachs during the night. This can cause aches and pains in the neck and the back as well as putting additional strain on the spinal area. By choosing a mattress with a very high firmness level, you can help to prevent the hips and stomach sinking during the night, which can cause aches and pains. You can look at the firm hybrid or innerspring options, but an air bed may also prove to be a suitable option.

Types of Mattresses - Conclusion

With so many types of mattresses available these days, it is little wonder that so many people become confused over which one to choose. The key is to take a variety of different factors into consideration when making your choice rather than just focusing on price. The mattress you choose can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep, your health, and your comfort levels, which is why you need to put a lot of thought into your choice before you rush out and make a purchase.

You also need to think about what you are buying the mattress for. You may be purchasing for a guest room, in which case a cheaper mattress for occasional use should be fine. However, if you are purchasing for nightly use in your own bedroom, you need to be far more selective. This is to ensure you get a mattress that is designed to last and provide you with the necessary levels of support.