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Saatva Mattress Review 2019

There are spring mattresses, and there are all-foam mattresses, but Saatva is looking to merge the two worlds into one great bed that everyone can enjoy. In this Saatva mattress review, we took a look at all that Saatva has to offer with their five-layer hybrid mattress and if it can stand up to the other big brands in memory foam mattresses. Some may think that spring mattresses are a bit out of date, but Saatva wants to reinvent the style, with a modern twist. Unfortunately for us, Saatva does not ship to Australia, the UK, or Europe, but they can deliver to a bordering port.

Inside our review

Our Saatva mattress review will help you get a feel if this mattress is right for you. Inside, you'll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. In all reviews, we do our best to share a range of customer opinions and use unbiased data. By the end, you'll know if this mattress is the right choice for your sleeping preferences.
saatva mattress review

Ratings by category

User rating - 4.9/5
Popularity - 3.5/5
Trial Length - 4.3/5
Affordability - 1/5
Meta rating - 4.7/5

How does the Saatva mattress feel to sleep on?

There are three firmness levels that you can choose from for this mattress, however, for this Saatva mattress review, we will focus on the Luxury firm option, as that is the most popular of the three. Seeing as the luxury firm option is the middle option, this mattress will give you a great balance between pressure relief and support, making it a natural choice for those who are trying to find that middle ground in a mattress. The addition of two layers of springs means that you will get a far better level of support than that of an all-foam bed. Because this is a hybrid mattress, you can expect to experience that cradling sensation of the memory foam when you first lay down on the bed. As you start to sink lower, the coil on coil design will begin to provide support to the areas of your body that need it the most, which is especially prevalent in the lumbar region. It's rather easy to move around on this bed because of the coil design, so you won't feel like your mattress is trying to trap you within itself.
saatva mattress review
"The quality of this mattress and the entire buying experience couldn't have been any better. The Saatva mattress has literally changed my life. I have run out of superlatives so I will wrap it up by saying "Thanks Saatva!"- Patrick B.
From the information we gather for our Saatva mattress review, we did find that back sleepers are particularly fond of the lumbar support with this mattress. Spring and soil mattresses typically can give better support for back and side sleepers, so pairing the supportive coils of a spring mattress with the comfort of a foam mattress definitely makes this one the best of both worlds. Speaking of which, stomach sleepers will benefit significantly from the hip and back support of this mattress, as taking the pressure off the hips is essential to allowing stomach sleepers to rest comfortably. However, one drawback of the dual coil design is that it brings that motion transfer up substantially, so you can expect to feel a lot more movement with this mattress than with an all-foam one. If you're the kind of person who sleeps with someone who is continually moving, or maybe you have a pet or kids, you may want to take that into consideration when looking at the Saatva mattress. But to counter that, Saatva's edge support blows every other bed we've seen throughout this Saatva mattress review out of the water; because not only do the coils support the edges just as much as the middle, but there is memory foam surrounding the sides as well.
"Bottom line...I sleep like a baby on this mattress, and I am so happy I decided to take a "leap of faith" and trust the company and their incredible customer service and return policy."- Joyce S.

What is the Saatva mattress made from?

As we've been saying throughout this whole Saatva mattress review so far, this mattress features a combination of spring coils and memory foam, along with a pillow top, which is a lot to stuff inside a bed. Starting from the top, you have a Euro-style three-centimeter pillow top memory foam which will be your first point of contact with the mattress. Under that, you have a layer of memory foam which also features unique lumbar foam support within the same layer, which has a noticeably different feel from the rest of the mattress. Next up, you have the first layer of coils, but these are 10-centimeters of 884 individually wrapped coils that help create motion isolation and conform to the body. Below that are 416 17-centimeter steel hourglass-shaped support coils, which prevent sagging and provide support to the body. The coil on coil design also helps to promote airflow throughout the mattress. On the bottom of the mattress, you have a thick layer of memory foam, that surrounds the sides of the mattress as well. That helps provide the enhanced edge support to make every single centimeter of the surface useable. All of which gives you the classic innerspring feel and memory foam comfort we've all come to know and love.
saatva mattress review

Weight and thickness

So through this Saatva mattress review, we came across some information that may make or break this mattress for you. Unlike many other mattresses we have on this site, this one doesn't come to you in a box. Because it features two layers of springs, it is impossible to fold and compress, unlike that of the all-foam designs. That said, Saatva does have free white glove delivery and mattress removal, so you don't have to worry about trying to lug this 54-kilogram mattress into your house all by yourself. Not only is this mattress heavy, but it's also pretty big, seeing as it is a hybrid mattress. It comes in at around 35 centimeters, making it one of the most enormous beds we have seen during this Saatva mattress review. You will need help getting it to your bedroom. However, there is also a slim option you can go with, which is about 11 centimeters if you want a smaller mattress that is.

How much does the Saatva mattress cost?

If the size and weight are not the only significant parts of this mattress, it's also pretty costly. Seeing as how this is one of the largest beds we have here, it should come at no surprise that the price is too large. You can expect to be spending well over $2000 for the king-size, and the twin is about as much as you would typically pay for a queen foam mattress. However, seeing how much you're getting with this mattress and the fact that it's made from organic cotton and massive, the price pretty much reflects the quality. Financing is available as well if you would rather pay it off as you go. Check out how the Saatva mattress review compares the prices with other top brands.

The Finer Details

Saatva offers a 120-night trial period for all of their mattresses, which makes it easy to test each of their comfort levels out and see which one you like the most. Each mattress comes with the white glove installation and old mattress removal, so you never have to stress about sending back a mattress you don't like and being stuck with it. Besides, all of the shipping is free and to return, they will send you a prepaid shipping label for you to send your unwanted mattress back to them. Their mattresses are made with breathable 100 percent organic cotton, and their pillow top is certified by CertiPUR-US to contain no toxic chemicals, no formaldehyde, low VOCs, and no ozone depleters. Saatva is also fully committed to helping with sustainability and was given Business Intel's 2018 Sustainable Product of the Year and is a lead sponsor of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. While Saatva is a great company and their mattress is undoubtedly top-notch, unfortunately, they don't ship internationally, only within the United States. However, after speaking with a customer care representative, we did find that Saatva will deliver the mattress to a bordering port, which will then ship your bed anywhere in the world, including Australia, which makes us very happy. Of course, you won't be able to take advantage of the white glove delivery service, and there will be an additional international shipping fee, but you'll still be able to receive a bed from this company if you so wish.
Saatva Luxury Mattress Firm

Who is the Saatva mattress best for?

In our Saatva mattress review, we were able to determine that this mattress is best for those who crave that classic innerspring mattress feel, but also love the comfort that you get with a memory foam bed. The bed can provide stellar back support, along with allowing you to make use of every centimeter of the surface, which not a lot of beds can say. Even though Saatva doesn't personally ship internationally, international shipping is still available through a third-party shipper, which makes these mattresses much more accessible.

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