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At-home Review

Leesa Mattress Review

So, what's it really like to sleep on a Leesa mattress, blanket, and pillow? Here's our experience...

Why you should trust us

Choosing a mattress isn't easy. It takes a lot of trial and error to find one that's supportive, yet soft. And depending on your favorite sleeping position, finding this balance often means too many nights of tossing and turning. That's why we decided to test the top-rated foam mattresses for ourselves—in our homes, where we sleep best. So you can see what it's really like to buy, try, and snooze on each foam mattress.

Each at-home trial is done by our mattress review experts. This team has meticulously researched, compared, and written about dozens of online foam mattresses. But off the clock, they're normal people looking for a great night's sleep, just like you. So, they're here to see if a mattress lives up to its hype.

Below, you'll find their thoughts on the Leesa mattress—an all-foam design known for its signature stripes and balanced feel.

How We Test Mattresses

We take trials seriously but like to have fun doing it. We consider every aspect, from ordering and shipping to unboxing and snoozing. (Some mattresses are even puppy-approved!) Our goal is to share our experience as a customer and an expert—without unnecessary mattress jargon thrown in.

We choose to focus on a specific type of foam mattress: those that can be bought online, come in limited models, are under $1,000 (for a queen), ship vacuum-sealed in a box, and include 100-day at-home trials. This category is gaining popularity among mattress buyers, as people stray from big brand names that offer nothing but pricey tags, unnecessary extras, and uncomfortable showrooms.

Details we consider

We look at every detail to figure out which mattress people want most. Once we receive a mattress, we sleep on it for 30 days. (Hint: This is the amount of time it takes your body to adjust to a new bed). We note our first impression, our final impression, and everything in between. To help you get a feel for the mattress, we make note of the unboxing, setup, ideal sleeping positions, construction, motion transfer, edge support, firmness, and our overall satisfaction.

Our at-home review

Deciding if the Leesa will bring you sweet sleep? This all-foam design is a favorite among online mattress shoppers. The firmness is ideal for a number of sleeping positions (but we'll cover this later!) and the foam layers are great at absorbing pressure and keeping you cool. It hits the right balance between support and cushion, and even has a high-quality cover not seen in many online designs. The cover is so comfortable, Leesa even offers a blanket and pillow using the same material—and we got to try them both.

Teddy sleeping on Leesa mattress
Our at-home Leesa mattress review.

Besides Leesa's attractive trial period and return policy, the company is also involved in a social impact initiative. So far, they've donated over 23,000 mattresses, planted over 135,000 trees, and spent 2,000 hours volunteering in local communities. This is no surprise from a company that set out to make mattress buying more transparent. Which is why they keep costs low and customers happy.

So, what's it really like to have a Leesa mattress, blanket, and pillow? Here's our experience:

The unboxing

As soon as we ordered our Leesa items, we received a confirmation email. Two days later, they let us know our items had shipped and gave tracking numbers. This was helpful because one of the packages was delayed by a few days. Luckily, Leesa noticed this before we did. They sent a follow up email apologizing for the delay and confirming the new delivery date. Props for prompt customer service.

Our Leesa mattress, blank and pillow unboxing experience.
Our Leesa mattress, blank and pillow unboxing experience.

The rest of our order arrived on time in the signature blue and white Leesa boxes. We ordered a queen-size mattress, which weighed over 70 pounds. It was delivered next to the front door, but we still needed two people to carry it upstairs to the bedroom. (Unless you're a champion weightlifter, we recommend asking someone to help lift the box). Unboxing the mattress was simple with two people. Bonus: Leesa gives instructions on the easiest way to remove the vacuum packaging and unroll the mattress.

Within seconds of removing the vacuum-sealed packaging, the mattress expanded. Right off the bat, we were impressed with the high-quality look and feel. The cover is stretchy, sharp-looking, and uses a thicker fabric. But the mattress didn't feel firm enough at first. Leesa's instructions let us know it would take several hours to fully inflate, and it did firm up nicely. It was also ready to sleep on the same night. Let the sweet dreams begin!

What is the Leesa mattress made from?

For this trial, we tested Leesa's original all-foam mattress. It's made up of three foam layers for a combined 10 inches tall. Like most foam mattresses, it had a slight off-gassing smell—but this dissipated within a day. On our platform base, the height is perfect for getting in and out of bed—but you probably won't want to leave. The foam layers compliment each other really well, giving the Leesa a sinking, yet supportive, feel.

End on view of the Leesa Mattress
End on view of the Leesa Mattress.

The first layer is Leesa's signature Avena foam, a comfort layer similar to latex. It immediately hugs your body but offers enough bounce to prevent you from sinking too deep. The foam is also designed to keep you cool throughout the night, which it did amazingly well. (One of our testers wakes up in the middle of the night from overheating but noticed this less frequently with the Leesa). The eggshell design at the base likely increases air flow and circulates heat away from sleepers.

The middle layer of the Leesa is memory foam—a contouring material that relieves pressure but sleeps hot. Since this sits underneath the Avena foam, it doesn't have the chance to build up as much heat as mattresses with a memory foam top layer. Although, it does offer comfortable support. After sinking into the Avena layer, we could feel the memory foam kick in and slowly contour to our shapes. A huge perk for people who want instant relief but need more support from the top layers.

Rounding out the mattress is a thick poly foam. This layer is the mattress base—it gives extra support when needed and distributes any pressure. Some of our testers who had traditional spring mattresses were worried the Leesa wouldn't be supportive enough. But this base layer is the key to Leesa's support: It's dense enough to keep the shape and provide the lift you need throughout the night.

Feel and firmness

We rate the feel and firmness of each mattress using two ways: the standard 1-10 scale and our own best judgement. On the standard scale, the Leesa is a 7 out of 10. Since 6 is considered an average firmness, the Leesa is slightly firmer than other foam mattress. This is great for people who need extra support or sleep on their sides.

Based on our own judgements, the Leesa has a good overall feel. We immediately sink into the mattress when lying down, but the bounce and the memory foam stop us from feeling too snug or stuck. It's as close to a balanced firmness as we can imagine. Many customers agree with us. Several customer reviews say Leesa is the "perfect firmness" and "perfect support." This harmony is probably because of the combination of bouncy Avena foam and supportive memory foam.

What's it like to sleep on?

Our testers were side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and everything in between. We toss, turn, flop, twist. Incredibly, almost every position works with a Leesa—although some are better than others.

Most of our testers (and the general population) are side sleepers. If you fall into this category, you're in luck. The Leesa is made for this position. It lets sensitive body parts (think shoulders, hips, knees) sink into the Avena foam layer, while the memory foam keeps the spine and neck aligned. Honestly, we focused on was how we felt during the night and in the morning. At night, we found ourselves switching from side to side less. We didn't experience painful pressure on our shoulders and didn't wake up from tingly limbs. In the mornings, we had less lower back pain and shoulder pain. (This is especially good for people behind desks all day). While every person is different, side sleeping men and women of all sizes seem to be happy with their Leesa.

Leesa mattress and pillow
Leesa mattress and pillow.

Sleep on your stomach? The Leesa could be right for you. The most common complaint of this position is firmness. Stomach sleepers put a lot of pressure on their torso, neck, hips. So the right mattress needs to allow these areas to sink in, without throwing the spine out of whack. One of our testers switches between side and stomach, and found both positions to be comfortable. The mattress was soft enough when snoozing onto her stomach but firm enough to support deep pressure on the side. Looking through customer reviews and data, this opinion is spot-on. Unless you're a small light person, the Leesa does a good job achieving the right balance for stomach sleepers.

The Leesa will also have your back, if you're the right size. Back sleepers usually need extra support from a mattress. Because the Avena foam gives an instant sinking feeling, it may be too soft for some sleepers. One of our testers with a history of back problems said the Leesa has too much cushion. But this won't be the case for every back sleeper. The Leesa can help relieve back pain from a stiff or spring mattress. The best way to know if it will work for you in this position? Give it a go during the trial period.

Motion Transfer

All-foam mattresses are known for minimal motion transfer, and the Leesa is no exception. We're amazed at how little the mattress moves compared to a spring design. Getting up in the middle of the night—not a problem. Even bouncy pets didn't disturb us.

Edge Support

With minimal motion transfer comes a downside: edge support. While supportive when sleeping, foam mattresses don't offer as much edge support as spring mattresses. Sitting directly on the edge, we sink several inches. But the support is better than several other all-foam designs. If you have back problems (and a hard time getting up out of bed), you may want to consider a firmer option. Leesa just released the Sapira—a combination of foam and spring for sleepers who need more support.

Downsides, but not dealbreakers

One mattress can't be everything for everyone. There are some downsides to the Leesa that may prevent people from having the same great experience as our testers. On one hand, the company is relatively new. They were founded in 2014, which means their 10-year warranty hasn't had time to live up to its promises. Customers have given thousands of positive reviews so far, but time will tell how long the mattress will truly last.

Another downside to the Leesa (and several other foam designs) is the weight and lack of mobility. While it's easy to set up when vacuum-sealed, it's difficult to turn once fully expanded. Handles would make rotating the mattress and removing the cover easier. The all-foam design adds to the difficulty, since it's more likely to flop and fold when moving. You can easily solve this by asking someone to lend a hand, so it's not a real dealbreaker.

Sizing and pricing

The Leesa comes in six standard sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and california king. For each size, the prices are very competitive compared to other online foam mattresses. Overall, it's incredibly affordable for the quality you get.

Leesa, they've got you covered

If you're considering buying a new Leesa mattress, take a look at their pillow and blanket as well. The pillow is made of the springy, yet cushioned Avena foam and really compliments the mattress. This makes it great for side, stomach, and back sleepers. For example, one of our testers has had a hard time finding the right pillow. Memory foam pillows were too hard and caused neck pain, while softer down pillows lacked the support for side sleeping. While it may not help every sleeper, our tester said the Leesa pillow has just the right balance. It sinks faster than memory foam so transitioning onto the stomach is easy. But it also keeps the neck at the right angle when side sleeping.

Leesa blanket in box
Leesa blanket (unboxing).

The Leesa blanket uses the same fabric as the cover—a super soft poly-blend that keeps you warm. It's heavy, durable, and perfect for snuggling. The gray and white stripe pattern mimics the Leesa cover, and the elegant whipstitch edging is a nice touch. At 60" x 78", it's big enough to cuddle by yourself or with a partner—and it's double-sided for extra comfort. Our testers enjoyed using the blanket for travel, picnics, movie nights, reading sessions, and road trips.

Our verdict

All things considered, the Leesa is one of our favorite online foam mattresses. It's affordable, comfortable, and works for a variety of sleepers. Side and stomach sleepers enjoy it the most, and couples love how it keeps them cool and reduces motion. The construction is a balanced combination of plush, bouncy Avena foam and contouring memory foam. The cover is durable enough to endure years of wear and tear—and feels great against thin sheets.

No matter which Leesa mattress, pillow, or blanket you choose, you'll get a high-quality, comfortable product. If you have any questions, or something doesn't work out, their customer service team is communicative and quick to respond. So far, thousands thank Leesa for a helping them get a better night's sleep. Our team does, too.