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Lull Mattress Review 2019

Tired of memory foam and want a new experience, then Lull is the mattress for you. In this Lull mattress review, we were able to find that Lull is trying to change the mattress game with their own unique gel and foam design that gives you a similar feel to memory foam, but without the negative drawbacks like heat-trapping and having the bed being too soft. With a 100-night trial and free shipping, you'll be able to see if Lull is the right mattress for you. While Lull themselves are not ready to ship internationally, the Amazon page does have their beds available through third-party sellers so that you can avoid those expensive international shipping costs.

Inside our review

The detail within this Lull mattress review to help you get a feel for this unique bed. Inside, you'll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. In all reviews, we do our best to share a range of customer opinions and use unbiased data. By the end, you'll know if this mattress is the right choice for your sleeping preferences.
lull mattress review

Ratings by category

User rating - 4.7/5
Popularity - 3/5
Trial Length - 3.5/5
Affordability - 2/5
Meta rating - 4.4/5

How does the Lull mattress feel to sleep on?

With a 6 out of 10 firmness, with 10 being the most firm, the Lull mattress has a rather medium level of firmness, which makes it suitable for people looking for that middle ground in a bed. The medium firmness also means that it will provide a reasonably balanced comfort level among a wide variety of sleepers. However, because this is not entirely memory foam, you may not get the same feeling that you're used to with this mattress. When you first lay down on the bed, you'll notice the softness of the cover and the hug of the memory foam layer. However, you won't get the same sinkage that you typically get from full-foam beds, because the memory foam layer here is much thinner than others. On the other hand, the gel foam combination, along with the different supportive layers will make for a far more supportive bed than other memory foam designs.
lull mattress review
"It’s got that good squish but just enough firm that you can move around without disturbing your S/O, I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly cooling, but that wasn’t a feature we looked for anyways." - Philenia R.
This bed can handle many different types of sleepers due to the unique design and firmer comfort level. Back sleepers will significantly enjoy the great lumbar support this bed provides, while stomach sleepers will benefit from the bed's ability to cradle the hips. Side sleepers will like that the mattress can provide the proper pressure relief they need at their shoulders and hips, though heavier sleepers may need to make use of the 100 night trial period to determine whether there is enough pressure relief for their broader shoulders. Because this is still an all-foam design, the motion transfer is very low here, which is excellent for those with kids or a pet, as you won't be able to feel them on the bed very quickly. Edge support is an area that most memory foam mattress suffers greatly in; however, we found in our Lull mattress review that this bed offers quality support around all edges. There's a slight bit of compression when on the side of the bed, but it's much less than that of many competitor brands.
"This is my 4th lull bed that I have bought and it beats Serta and everyone else for support hands down! Highly recommend, especially if you have back, hip, and leg issues." - Busia

What is the Lull mattress made from?

So while this mattress does feature memory foam, that's not the main focus of this mattress. There are three layers here, and it looks like the focus of more on polyfoam over memory foam, which helps give the bed a more supportive structure. The top layer is the only one that includes any memory foam at all, and even that isn't pure memory foam. Starting from the top, you have a four 3.8-centimeter thick viscoelastic memory foam which is injected with a gel polymer. The open structure helps a bit with airflow and provides a cooling experience, which is perfect if you sleep hot. Because the layer is not entirely memory foam, sleepers can enjoy a rare combination of qualities. These range from pressure relief to body conformity that allows for more bounce and responsiveness than traditional memory foam. The second layer is 3.8 centimeters of polyurethane foam, which acts as a transition layer from the soft and supportive first layer, to the firmer base layer. It also reinforces the base layer with spine alignment, which will highly benefit back and side sleepers alike. On the bottom is the thick 17-centimeter layer of high-density polyurethane foam that gives the mattress the support and also helps with pressure relief. The base layer also gives the mattress its shape and durability that ensures it stays stable and supportive for years and years.
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Weight and thickness

Setting up your Lull mattress is incredibly easy as it's not overly heavy or large, which is excellent because Lull doesn't offer a white glove delivery service with their products. Throughout our research for the Lull mattress review, we found that this bed in all of its sizes is 25 centimeters in height, which is a bit low when comparing to other competing foam mattress brands. However, you can bring that height up a bit by adding a box spring, mattress topper, or simply raising your bed frame, if it allows for that. The mattress itself weighs about 31 kilograms, which is roughly in line with other top brands that we have seen. That also means you'll be capable of carrying it inside and installing it on your bed frame by yourself, though asking another person for help isn't that bad of an idea. When you receive your mattress, it will come compressed and ready to be placed on your bed. All you have to do is remove it from the box, take the plastic cover off, and watch it rise, which shouldn't take that long at all.

How much does the Saatva mattress cost?

In this Lull mattress review, we did find that this bed is about above average when comparing to other top brands. Lull does manage to keep the price for even their largest mattress, which is good to see. However, the cost of a single size is rather expensive, which is disappointing. That said, Lull does offer free shipping and returns, as well as a financing option. Besides, Lull is always having deals and sales on their products, so there's a good chance that you will be able to get a substantial discount on their mattress.

The Finer Details

While shipping within the United States is free, our Lull mattress review found that shipping to Australia is a bit convoluted. The Lull mattress is available on our Amazon page; however, it's only available through third-party sellers, which means that we won't be able to take advantage of the 100-night trial. Returns and warranties are only available when purchasing through the Lull website or indirectly through the Amazon marketplace, but only if it's sold by Lull on Amazon. Any third-party sellers don't have the authority to handle returns or the trial. Besides, the Lull website can't ship internationally, so our only choice is to deal with the third-party sellers. During our Lull mattress review, we took a look at their certifications to see how they stack up against other brands. Lull has the standard CertiPUR-US which certifies them for minimal off-gassing, no harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, and made without phthalates or VOCs. Also, Lull is a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council and Mattress Recycling Council.
Saatva Luxury Mattress Firm

Who is the Lull mattress best for?

Throughout this Lull mattress review, we've given you all of the specs and measurements you need. This mattress is excellent for those who are tired of the same old memory foam feel and want something new. The Lull mattress will keep you fresh overnight, and allow you to sleep peacefully without being woken up by your partner, kids, or pets thanks to its minimal motion transfer. And if you don't mind dealing with a third-party to get your mattress home, then you should be pleased with this bed.

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