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Futon Mattress Sizes

There are several reasons to buy a futon, but each of them requires you to know about futon mattress sizes.

Futons offer a special kind of versatility that anyone can benefit from in their home. They can double as a sofa or chair during the day and a bed at night. That is perfect for those with limited space who want to make the most of their furniture.

However, knowledge of futon mattress sizes is a must because not all futons are the same. There are different kinds of futons that require different sizes. This knowledge will help you find the best futon mattress for your home so you can have the nicest futon in your neighborhood.

Kinds of Futons

You can find variety in all aspects of a futon, including the frame, mattress, and cover. They come in different materials and styles, but their function is all the same. The most important ones you need to know about are the different frames.

The different kinds of futon frames are the bi-fold, loveseat, and tri-fold varieties.

The bi-fold is probably what you normally envision when you think about futons. They look similar to a sofa in the sense that they bend down the middle length-wise. When it comes to bi-fold futon mattress sizes, you can typically find them in a full and queen size.

Loveseat futons are similar to the bi-fold in terms of where the mattress folds, but it is on a smaller scale. Bi-fold futons can seat several guests, whereas a loveseat futon will only allow two people to sit together. Typically, these come in twin and full futon mattress sizes.

As the name implies, a tri-fold futon folds in three places instead of the traditional two-fold. Because they have to bend more, you will need a thinner mattress for this type. They provide a relaxed sitting experience, but they are more difficult to convert into its bed position.

You can find frames in wood or metal, and each one has its own benefits. Wood futon frames are more sturdy and easy to match your home decor, whereas metal frames are more lightweight. You get to choose which style you prefer.

The kind of frame will determine which futon mattress sizes you can choose from.

The Different Futon Mattress Sizes

You also have a variety to choose from when looking at futon mattress sizes. For one, some mattresses consist of stuffed cotton, whereas others have pressurized foam or coil springs in the mattress.

For added comfort and longevity, we recommend the foam or spring type. These materials give the mattress added firmness that allows it to last longer. On the other hand, the simply stuffed cotton mattress will flatten over time because it doesn’t have any support within.

Futon mattress sizes typically come in twin, full, queen, and chair sizes. Each size has different dimensions, as well as different styles that affect the dimensions. Be sure to examine each one so you can determine which futon mattress size is the best for you.


Other than the chair mattress, the twin size is the smallest of all the other futon mattress sizes. There are two different twin styles to choose from: the split and the lounger.

The twin split mattress will fold out into a bed at 54 inches by 39 inches, but it requires an additional ottoman measuring 21 by 39 inches to make a true twin bed.

The lounger futon frame has a pull-out ottoman attached to it, but you still need to purchase an ottoman mattress to create a true twin bed. The measurements are the same as the twin split mattress, but it’s the frame that’s different.

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A full futon mattress has a few different options to choose from.

The most simple is the plain full mattress that measures 54 inches by 75 inches. On a bi-fold futon, all you have to do is adjust the frame to the bed setting and you’re good to go.

There is also the full loveseat mattress, which has measurements of 54 inches by 54 inches. Like the twin split, this mattress requires the purchase of a separate ottoman, which should measure 21 inches by 54 inches.

Last of all, there is the full lounger mattress. It has the same set up as the twin lounger, where you just need an additional ottoman mattress to make a complete bed.

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A queen futon mattress is most likely the largest futon mattress size you will find. It measures 60 inches by 80 inches if you buy the style that doesn’t require any other pieces.

Like the twin and full mattresses, there is also a split and lounger mattress option for the queen size. Those mattresses are 54 by 60 inches with an ottoman that measures 26 by 60 inches.

While a queen size futon takes up more space than all the other sizes, it offers a cheaper alternative than buying a queen size bed for guests. You can make it just as comfortable as a regular bed too.

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The chair futon mattress is the most unique when it comes to futons. When most people imagine futons, they think of the loveseat or sofa options that can seat multiple people. However, having a chair futon makes a great sitting or sleeping space without taking up much room.

There’s only one option for a chair futon mattress size, which is a smaller version of the twin split mattress. The mattress measures 54 inches by 28 inches, while the ottoman measures 24 inches by 28 inches.

If you want a unique piece of furniture, a chair futon is a way to go.

Determining Which Size You Need

If you already have a futon frame, making a selection from the futon mattress sizes will be pretty simple. You just buy the mattress that fits the frame.

However, some people have made a queen futon mattress work on a full-size frame. They just make it so that the part of the mattress your back rests on sits higher than normal. That way, the part of the mattress that you sit on doesn’t jut out too far.

To make sure that you purchase the right mattress, you will need to determine which kind of futon you have. Companies make mattresses specifically for bi-fold and tri-fold futons, as well as all the different sizes.

If you haven’t purchased a futon frame yet, you have the opportunity to decide which size would fit your home best.

If you don’t have a lot of room but would like a piece of furniture that works for seating and sleeping, a chair or twin futon will maximize your space. Full and queen sizes are great for those that frequently have guests or who want versatile furniture.

Ultimately, you will know which will work best for you.

How to Make the Mattress More Comfortable

Some people refuse to consider futons because they’ve never experienced how comfortable they can be. Granted, some futons will leave you with an aching back, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several steps that you can take to make sure your futon is just as comfortable as your bed.

For many people, the discomfort comes from a lack of support in the mattress and frame. There are a few ways that you can add support and comfort.

First, make sure you have a high-quality futon mattress. Ones with foam or coils add much more support than a simple, stuffed mattress.

Second, add a mattress topper to your futon mattress for some extra squish. You can either fit the topper in your futon cover, or you can hold it all together with a fitted sheet.

Last, you can place wooden planks on the frame to make sure the mattress isn’t sinking, which can be especially problematic if you have a metal frame that has been around for quite some time. Using wooden planks will add additional support that makes your futon feel more like a real bed with little effort.

If all else fails, you can also layer comforters on the mattress for a more comfortable night’s rest. Using comforters can also help you customize both sides of the futon if one person prefers a softer bed, and the other prefers firmness.

Just like choosing futon mattress sizes and styles, you can also choose what is best for you when customizing your futon’s cushioning and bedding.

Figuring Out Futon Mattress Sizes Is Only the Beginning

Futons are a great way to maximize space in your home, as well as save money. They cost less than many traditional beds and sofas, and they can act as both kinds of furniture. They also come in a variety of looks that can match any home decor.

Figuring out which futon mattress sizes are best for you is only the beginning. Once you know which size you need, you will then need to decide which kind of frame you want and how you want to make it more comfortable.

Thankfully, futons are customizable, and you can do just about anything to make it your own.

Which kind of futon mattress is your favorite? Tell us all about it in the comments section.