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Katrina Kirsch
June 21, 2018

Tuft & Needle vs. Purple

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We collected 50,443 customer reviews and insights from mattress experts to bring you this detailed side-by-side foam mattress comparison. Here, we determine which is better: Tuft & Needle or Purple? Discover for yourself below:
Tuft and Needle
Cover fabric
Rayon polyester blend
10 in.
54 - 93 lbs
3 in. proprietary poly foam; 7 in. support foam
Price range
$350 - $750
Trial period
100 nights
10 years
Available sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
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Cover fabric
Polyester Lycra blend
9.5 in.
70 - 140 lbs
2 in. hyper-elastic polymer; 3.5 in. poly foam; 4 in. support foam
Price range
$700 - $1300
Trial period
100 nights
10 years
Available sizes
Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
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Key Comparisons

In this comparison, we look at the long-time favorite Tuft & Needle and Purple, a newcomer on the online mattress scene. While both are considered foam mattresses, there are distinct differences in the construction and type of foam used. To figure out which mattress could be the right pick for you, we dive into ten unique characteristics of each and share insights from actual customer reviews. Read on to discover the pros and cons of each.

What is each mattress made from?

Looking first at the unique construction of the Purple mattress, we found two standard poly foam layers that add support and comfort to the design. However, what makes the Purple stand out is the hyper-elastic polymer topper formulated specially for the company. The gel-like topper serves multiple purposes, including pressure relief, cooling, and bounce. Wrapping these layers together is an all-white fabric made of viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra that allows for breathability and stretch.

Purple Mattress Foam Layers Diagram
Figure 1: Diagram showing the foam layers of the Purple mattress.

Conversely, the Tuft & Needle mattress is simple in style, constructed of two poly-foam layers. Similar to their competitor, Tuft & Needle created a specialized foam topper that provides pressure relief, cooling, and comfort to sleepers. The second layer brings in support for the mattress, building a firm foundation and giving deep compression support. Holding these layers together is a minimalistic and completely white cover. Bearing no detail other than the brand name, the polyester nylon blend cover is thinner than most, which allows for effective cooling.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Foam Layer Diagram
Figure 2: Diagram showing the foam layer construction of the Tuft & Needle mattress.

How thick is each mattress?

Due to the unique hyper-elastic polymer topper, the Purple measures in at 9.5 inches, while the Tuft & Needle comes in slightly higher at 10 inches. Although there is a slight difference in thickness, this doesn’t equate to one mattress being firmer or more supportive than the other. To figure out which is best for you, your sleeping position, and desired firmness level, look below as we jump into the details.

Thickness (in.)

How much does each weigh?

When it comes to weight, there is a clear distinction between these two foam mattresses. While foam tends to be lighter than traditional spring mattresses, the Purple’s polymer layer makes it significantly heavier than the Tuft & Needle. If weight is a serious purchase factor for you, check the comparisons between size and weight below to learn the exact differences.

Weight of queen (lb.)

How does durability compare?

First, we want to point out that both Purple and Tuft & Needle are relatively new companies. Tuft & Needle was founded in 2013, while Purple was founded in 2016. Since both companies have a 10-year warranty on their mattresses, it’s difficult to give an exact durability rating. However, the expert review website Sleep Like the Dead ranked how long both mattresses are expected to last based on the materials used. By these standards, the Purple received a rating of 7+ years, while the Tuft & Needle was given a durability estimation of 6.5 years.

Durability (1-7)

What type of sleeping position is each mattress suitable for?

One essential factor to consider when choosing a mattress is your sleeping position. It is a major contributor to your comfort level and overall satisfaction. To determine which position is best for both mattresses, we looked to Sleep Like the Dead’s customer rankings.

For stomach sleepers, cushion and comfort usually reigns. Not surprisingly, customers who prefer this position ranked the Tuft & Needle mattress above the Purple for small (under 120 lbs), average (130-230 lbs), and large (above 230 lbs) sleepers. Average-sized people found the Tuft & Needle the most comfortable, while small and large sleepers rated it “good to fair”.  Stomach sleepers using the Purple rated it “fair” for small sleepers, and “good to fair” for large and average sleepers.

Looking at the opposite sleeping position, back sleepers found both mattresses to be comfortable for the average-sized person. However, larger back sleepers rated Tuft & Needle higher than Purple. For small-sized sleepers, both foam mattresses were given the same “good to fair” review for overall comfort and satisfaction.

Lastly, we explored which mattress side sleepers prefer. Smaller sleepers chose Tuft & Needle above Purple—possibly due to the extra support the Purple topper provides. Average-sized sleepers also ranked the Tuft & Needle higher than Purple, while large sleepers gave both mattresses a “good to fair” rating.

Which mattress is firmest?

Focusing on a goal of “universal comfort” for all sleepers, the Tuft & Needle has a medium to medium-firm feel. On a scale of 10, mattress review website ranked it as a 6-6.5 firmness. Although there have been several models tested over the years, the most recent version lands in the above rating range and is popular among all sizes and sleeping positions.

Similarly, the Purple aimed to provide comfort and support for all level of sleepers. Although average and large sleepers experience a slight sinking feeling that envelops your body and relieves pressure, smaller sleepers said they experience a floating sensation. The Purple is also ranked as 6-6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, but the difference in material and size of the sleeper is important to consider when choosing between the two mattresses.

FIrmness (1-7)

How much does each mattress cost?

Price is an important factor to weigh when picking a mattress, and there is a sizable difference between the Tuft & Needle and Purple. Just as Tuft & Needle strives to be the ideal mattress for every type of sleeper, the company also is one of the most affordable in the foam mattress market today. However, Purple’s innovative materials and satisfaction with larger sleepers is something to consider beyond the higher price. For exact prices on every size, look at our chart below:

Price of Queen (USD)

Which mattress has the highest customer ratings?

Since the Tuft & Needle mattress has been available for several years while the Purple is fairly new to market, more customers have had the chance to experience the Tuft & Needle. On Amazon, the Purple ranks slightly lower in overall customer satisfaction, while reviews experts Sleep Like the Dead give it an edge over Tuft & Needle. When choosing between the two, make sure to think of your ideal sleeping position, budget, and who else may be sleeping on it with you.

Customer Satisfaction (1-5)

So, which is better?

Now that you know all the details of both mattresses, it’s time to determine which is the ideal choice for you. If you prefer a firmer feel with great bounce and a unique cooling quality, you’re likely to find the Purple incredibly comfortable. On the other hand, the Tuft & Needle is a perfect option for people who are on a tighter budget, have a variety of sleepers to appease, and want a medium firm feel. Good luck choosing, and don’t forget to look back through the charts to compare both mattresses.