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Jason Hoe
Aug 16, 2017

Leesa vs. Casper

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We analysed 18,013 comments and ratings from mattress experts and shoppers like you, to put together this in-depth side-by-side comparison. So, which mattress is better: Leesa or Casper? See for yourself at a glance:
Cover fabric
Polyester Lycra
10 in.
42 - 92 lb.
2 in. synthetic foam; 2 in. memory foam; 6 in. support foam
Price range
$525 - $1,070
Trial period
100 nights
10 years
Available sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
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Cover fabric
Polyester blend
9.5 in.
55 - 104 lb.
1.5 in. responsive foam; 1.5 in. memory foam; 1.5 in. poly foam; 5 in. support foam
Price range
$550 - $1,150
Trial period
100 nights
10 years
Available sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
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Key Comparisons

Since 2014, Casper has been providing a new way of purchasing your mattress - online. They’ve grown from strength to strength and are one of the founding players in the online mattress industry. Leesa is a relatively new entrant who is quickly growing in popularity.

Detailed below are in-depth comparisons of all the technical aspects of these two mattresses - allowing you to decide which one is the perfect match for your sleeping needs.

What is each mattress made from?

The Casper mattress features one and a half inches of each of the following foam types: responsive foam, memory foam, and proprietary foam. In addition, there are five inches of support foam. The mattress cover fabric is made from a polyester blend.

Diagram showing the foam layers of the Casper mattress
Figure 1: Diagram showing the foam layers of the Casper mattress.

Leesa mattresses combine two inches of synthetic foam, with two inches of memory foam, and a final six inches of support foam. The cover fabric from this brand is constructed using a polyester lycra blend.

Figure 2: Diagram showing the foam layer construction of the Leesa mattress.

How thick is each mattress?

Although the Leesa mattress is lighter than Caspers, they both have the same thickness measurement of ten inches. This is slightly lower than the average of 10.42 inches and could be an explanation for the lower weight.

Thickness (in.)

How much does each weigh?

With a weight range of 55 to 104 pounds, the Casper mattresses are approximately ten pounds heavier than Leesa at each size tier. Leesa’s range is from 45 to 92 pounds.

As an example, the Casper queen sized mattress weighs 83 pounds whilst Leesa’s comparable is 71 pounds. Both of these are lighter than the average of 87 pounds.

Weight of queen (lb.)

Will they stand the test of time?

Durability is rated on a scale one to seven - one being poor and seven being excellent. The Casper mattress has been rated as a five on this scale, which means it has a ‘good’ durability. This is better than Leesa’s ‘fair’ rating of three.

With an industry average of four, we see that Casper is slightly over-performing in durability whilst Leesa is slightly underperforming.

Durability (1-7)

What type of sleeping position is each mattress suitable for?

Different mattresses will feel more or less comfortable depending on your sleeping style. The preferences below we're obtained through consumer reviews by Sleep Like the Dead.

For average size people (130-230 lbs), the Leesa and Casper are equally comfortable for both back and side sleepers, whilst the Leesa has been rated as slightly more comfortable for stomach sleepers.

Larger people (230+ lbs), who sleep on their back, have a slight preference for Leesa and they considerably prefer Leesa if they are side or stomach sleepers.

Smaller people (under 130 lbs) prefer Casper, no matter which sleeping type they are.

Which one is firmest?

The firmness of a mattress is also measured on a scale. Where level one represents a very soft mattress and level seven is an extra firm mattress. Both Casper and Leesa are rated as a four - medium firmness.

FIrmness (1-7)

How much does each mattress cost?

Leesa is priced lower than Casper across the entire size range - Twin to King.

If we look at the average for a Queen sized mattress, the price is approximately $890.  Both Leesa and Casper are priced above this average at $940 and $950 respectively.

And it can be noted that both companies offer the same trial period of 100 nights.

Price of Queen (USD)

Which has the highest customer ratings?

Bedowl’s study has compiled customer satisfaction scores from across the web to create a meta rating system. This ensures we bring the most information possible to your attention.

Our average customer satisfaction rating across the industry is 4.35 from a possible 5.

The Leesa mattress has achieved a slightly above average rating of 4.4 whilst Casper has dropped just under this average with a 4.3.

Customer Satisfaction (1-5)

So, which is better?

Whilst these two mattresses are similar in terms of thickness and firmness, there are some material differences which will determine the right choice for you. 

Casper is slightly heavier and was rated as more durable, whilst Leesa is a touch cheaper with a slightly higher customer satisfaction rating.

In terms of comfort, smaller people tended to prefer Casper, while larger people plus average size people who sleep on their stomach generally preferred Leesa. Average size people who sleep on their back or side seemed indifferent between the two brands.