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Katrina Kirsch
June 21, 2018

Ghostbed vs. Purple

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Looking at 9,148 customer reviews and expert comments, we put together this extensive side-by-side mattress comparison: Purple vs. Ghostbed. So, which is the best? See for yourself below:
Med-firm to firm
Cover fabric
Polyester blend
11 in.
45 - 95 lbs
1.5 in. natural latex; 2 in. gel memory foam; 7.5 in. support foam
Price range
$495 - $875
Trial period
101 nights
20 years
Available sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Cover fabric
Polyester Lycra blend
9.5 in.
70 - 140 lbs
2 in. hyper-elastic polymer; 3.5 in. poly foam; 4 in. support foam
Price range
$700 - $1300
Trial period
100 nights
10 years
Available sizes
Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
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Key Comparisons

While both the Ghostbed and Purple mattresses are known for their unique feel in the foam mattress category, this comparison will help determine which is the best pick for your individual sleeping needs. In it, we share in-depth details on construction, firmness, customer satisfaction and more. To find out which design is ideal for you, read through our research roundup while considering your sleeping habits.

Ready to snooze better than ever? Ghostbed and Purple both promise customers a great night's sleep due to custom foam combinations and construction. To begin, the Purple stands out from other foam mattresses due to its unique hyper-elastic polymer topper. This gel-like layer is designed in a grid pattern to allow for maximum cooling, comfort and bounce. Underneath this topper is a layer of polyurethane foam that gives the design support and deep compression comfort. Rounding out the Purple construction is a dense poly-foam that does the heavy support lifting and acts as a base for the mattress. Wrapping these layers together is a cover made of viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra that allows air to flow through the layers below. The white fabric is traditional, but it has a diamond stitch pattern that shows off the brand logo and gives it a fashionable look.

Moving on to the Ghostbed, what makes this mattress separate from other designs is a latex foam layer and a thick support base. The first of three layers is an aerated latex foam meant to give sleepers instant pressure relief, while offering bounce and a cooling effect. Next comes a gel memory foam layer that is less responsive but provides support and absorbs weight. For the base, a dense support foam is used as a foundation for the design. This layer is thicker than most other foam mattress designs, which makes it ideal for larger sleepers. Keeping the Ghostbed layers together is a polyester and polypropylene cover. With a stretchy white fabric on top and a durable gray material on the sides, the cover design looks sleek and is breathable. Next, we look at what these two different constructions mean for the overall feel and comfort levels.

For all mattress, a thicker design can mean a number of things: more cushion, support, or cooling layers. Now that we've shared what the mattress are made of, it's also important to look at the thickness of each layer. For example, a 2 inch comfort foam layer will offer less pressure relief than a 4 inch layer. Measuring in at 11 inches, the Ghostbed has a thicker support base than the Purple. However, the Purple offers a 5.5 inch comfort layer to the Ghostbed's 3.5 inches. To see the exact measurements of each design, take a look at our chart below.

Thickness (in.)

While weight is a factor when moving any mattress, it is not always an indication of firmness. This is true for the Ghostbed and Purple. Weighing in between 70-140 pounds, the Purple mattress is heavier due to its hybrid construction and hyper-elastic polymer layer. The Ghostbed is significantly lighter, weighing in between 45-95 pounds despite its thick support base. We explain how this figures into the firmness and ideal sleeping position of each design further down.

Weight of queen (lb.)

Considering that both companies have been around for less than five years, it's difficult to tell exactly how long each mattress will last. Based on the materials used in the designs, the mattress review website Sleep Like the Dead created a durability rating scale. The Ghostbed received a slightly higher rating at 7+ years, while the Purple mattress is expected to last 6.5 years. Luckily, both companies offer warranties—Ghostbed's is 20 years with 10 non-prorated and Purple's is 10 years non-prorated.

Durability (1-7)

Determining which sleeping position you prefer most throughout the night is an important factor when choosing a mattress. Back sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses, while side and stomach sleepers often opt for medium to medium-soft designs. To figure out what this means for your comfort and support, use the information below and consider your favorite sleeping position.

For the following ratings, we looked to the expert review website Sleep Like the Dead for unbiased information and testimonials from a number of mattress testers. In their rating system, small sleepers are under 120 pounds, average sleepers are 130-230 pounds, and large sleepers are 230+ pounds. So what does that mean for each position?

If you spend most of the time snoozing on your back, the Purple or Ghostbed would be a good mattress choice. Purple was given a "good" rating for average sleepers and a "good to fair" rating for small and large individuals. Comparatively, Ghostbed was awarded a "good" comfort rating for average and large people, while smaller testers gave it a "good to fair" rating. Looking through reviews, we discovered that small individuals can feel like they are floating on the Purple topper since it does not compress like the Ghostbed's aerated latex foam.

Next, we looked through ratings and reviews for side sleepers. For this position, the Purple mattress was rated as "good to fair" for large and average individuals, and "fair" for small sleepers. The Ghostbed was given slightly higher reviews with a "good" rating for large and average people, and a "fair" rating for small individuals. If you're a side sleeper, it's also essential to consider your body shape in addition to weight. Since the most pressure is placed on your hips, shoulders, and waist, different body types require unique firmness levels. For more in-depth information based on body type, look to this Mattress Firmness Guide.

Finally, we researched which mattress stomach sleepers like the best. According to the same rating guidelines, Purple was given a "good to fair" rating for large and average sleepers, and a "fair" rating for small people. Ghostbed also has better reviews for this position with large and average sleepers rating the design "good" and small people rating it "good to fair."

Factoring in sleeping position and construction, the firmness is another key category when determining what mattress to purchase. Between the Ghostbed and Purple, the firmness is nearly the same. The review website Sleepopolis ranks mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10, with 6 being an average medium feel. Purple received a 6 out of 10, and Ghostbed was given a 6-6.5 out of 10. The reason Ghostbed's rating fluctuates is because of the thick support base and memory foam layer. Customers say that when first sitting down on the bed, it feels like a 7, but once the memory foam has time to compress, the feel drops to a 6.5 or 6 firmness. This delay in response time may be okay for some but annoying for others—it all depends on your specific preference.

FIrmness (1-7)

Although both companies offer discounts throughout the year, the Ghostbed is less expensive than the Purple mattress in all sizes. While price is a major factor, it's also important to take the firmness, materials, and sleeping positions into consideration. For an exact look at the prices by size, see our chart below.

Price of Queen (USD)

We all look to customer ratings before purchasing a product, and buying a foam mattress online is no exception. Depending on the website you visit, the reviews for Ghostbed and Purple will differ. Sites such as Sleep Like the Dead rate both design above average as 79% satisfaction for Purple and 80% satisfaction for Ghostbed. On the other hand, Sleepopolis gives Purple a 97% customer satisfaction rating but Ghostbed receives a 92% rating. Looking to Amazon and the average data collected from reviews across the web, both mattresses received similar numbers. To determine which is right for you, it's best to look through the information above and factor all design aspects in your choice.

Customer Satisfaction (1-5)

The question everyone wants answered: Which mattress is best? Similar to the perfect pillow, there will never be the right mattress for every person. Figuring out whether the Ghostbed or Purple is right for you means looking through our data and considering your personal sleeping habits.

With that in mind, the Purple mattress is best for people looking for a medium-firm feel, an incredibly cooling design, a fast response time, and a unique feel. However, if you're searching for a firmer feel, a 100% foam design, and a great value, the Ghostbed may be the mattress you've been dreaming about. If you're still unsure, look to our other mattress comparisons where you'll find these designs up against other foam mattresses on the market. We hope you find the mattress that gives you the best night's sleep!