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Katrina Kirsch
December 10, 2017

Ghostbed vs. Loom and Leaf

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We looked at 4,850 user comments and expert reviews, to put together this detailed head-to-head mattress comparison. Which is better: Loom and Leaf or Ghostbed? See for yourself at a glance:
Med-firm to firm
Cover fabric
Polyester blend
11 in.
45 - 95 lbs
1.5 in. natural latex; 2 in. gel memory foam; 7.5 in. support foam
Price range
$495 - $875
Trial period
101 nights
20 years
Available sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Loom and Leaf
Medium to firm
Cover fabric
Organic cotton
12 in.
No range
2 in. memory foam; 2.5 in. visco memory foam; 2 in. transition foam; 5.5 in. support foam
Price range
$849 - $1799
Trial period
120 nights
15 years
Available sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
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Key Comparisons

In the foam mattress category, many companies are new to the game. However, this comparison looks at two brands that have years of experience creating traditional spring mattresses and have recently transitioned to the foam mattress market. So which company applied the knowledge of a traditional design with the comfort and convenience of a foam design? Read through each section for thoughts from customers and industry experts.

What is each mattress made from?

After finding out both companies were a spinoff from traditional spring mattresses, we were curious to see what Ghostbed and Loom & Leaf included in their designs.

Looking first to Loom & Leaf, this brand is a branch of Saatva—a luxury innerspring mattress company. Switching from spring to memory foam, the Loom & Leaf design has four primary layers of foam. The top layer is a combination of cooling gel and conforming gel memory foam. Working together, these two layers absorb heat from the sleeper and disperse it, while taking the initial impact and offering instant comfort. Next comes a layer of visco-elastic memory foam that acts as a core of support and responsiveness. The third layer is a transitional layer between the memory foam and base foam. It helps the two layers work together while offering deep compression support. Finally, the base is a high-density support foam that gives shape to the mattress. Keeping these layers together is a 100% organic cotton cover. It's quilted with a thin layer of foam to provide extra comfort and also has a layer of natural thistle to act as a fire retardant.

Diagram showing the foam layers of the Loom and Leaf mattress.
Figure 1: Diagram showing the foam layers of the Loom & Leaf mattress.

With a simpler construction but similar firmness, the Ghostbed is comprised of three foam layers. The first is an aerated latex foam that provides cooling and bounce. Although thin, this layer is responsive and gives instant relief to sleepers. Following that is a layer of gel memory foam that offers deep compression support while preventing heat retention like traditional memory foam. Finishing up the design is a thick support foam layer that acts as a foundation for the layers and a base for the mattress. Constructed from two types of fabric, the cover of the Ghostbed is 100% polyester and a polyester-polypropylene blend. The top fabric is white, soft, and breathable, while the side panels use a sturdier gray fabric to prevent wear and tear.

Diagram showing the layers of the Ghostbed mattress.
Figure 2: Diagram showing the layers of the Ghostbed mattress.

How thick is each mattress?

Although most foam mattresses fall within a 10 inch range, both the Ghostbed and the Loom & Leaf offer extra inches of support. Measuring in at 12 inches, the Loom & Leaf is one of the thickest foam mattresses available today. With almost equal amounts of comfort and support foam, the design is balanced and extra luxurious compared to others in this category.

Coming in slightly under its competitor, the Ghostbed measures in at 11 inches. With 3.5 inches of comfort foam and 7.5 inches of support foam, this design offers deep compression support than many other foam designs. However, the memory foam layers provide the necessary pressure relief for a night of sound sleep.

Thickness (in.)

How much does each weigh?

Moving around a bulky mattress isn't appealing, but luckily you only need to rotate it every three months to stay on the best maintenance schedule. For the Ghostbed and Loom & Leaf, the weight between each size is relatively similar. Due to the thicker design, the Loom & Leaf is a few pounds heavier in every size. To see specifics weights, look to our chart below.

Weight of queen (lb.)

Will they stand the test of time?

Durability has been a major criticism of foam mattresses by traditional mattress brands, but many foam mattresses come with 10-year warranties and 100-night trial periods. Ghostbed offers a 101-night trial and a 20-year warranty, while Loom & Leaf gives a 120-day trial period and a 15-year warranty.

Considering neither company has been around long enough to live up their warranties, the mattress review website Sleep Like the Dead estimated the durability of both designs based on the materials used. Ghostbed was given a "good" rating, meaning it will likely last for 7+ years. On the other hand, Loom & Leaf was given a "fair" rating for 6.5 years. When considering which mattress to buy based on durability, it's also good to consider each company's customer service policies and read reviews that deal with returns to see how the issue is handled.

Durability (1-7)

What type of sleeping position is each mattress suitable for?

When selecting a mattress, a key factor affecting overall comfort is your sleeping position. Luckily, both of these companies offer 100+ night at-home trials, so you have ample time to test the designs. To learn which position the Ghostbed and Loom & Leaf are best for, we used customer reviews and unbiased information from Sleep Like the Dead. For each sleeping position below, individuals are rated small (under 120lbs), average (130-230lbs), or large (+230lbs).

For those who switch from side to side during the night, an ideal mattress will provide support but also compression relief for your hips and shoulders. Side sleepers who tried the Ghostbed gave it a "good" rating for large and average individuals, and a "fair" rating for small sleepers. The Loom & Leesa customers who prefer to sleep on their side rated the comfort as "good to fair" for large and average sleepers, and "fair to poor" for smaller individuals.

Moving on to back sleepers, the customers who tried Ghostbed gave the mattress similar rankings as side sleepers. Large and average individuals rated it "good", while small sleepers gave it a "good to fair" rating. The Loom & Leesa was given the same rating by all size sleepers, making it a "good to fair" comfort level for anyone snoozing on their back.

Rounding out the sleeping position reviews are stomach sleepers. Known to enjoy mattresses that have instant comfort and a slight sinking feeling, stomach sleepers ranked the Ghostbed as "good" for large and average sleepers, and "good to fair" for smaller people. The Loom & Leaf reviews came in slightly under the Ghostbed, with a "good to fair" rating for large and average individuals, and "fair to poor" for smaller sleepers. When considering these reviews, it's important to note that Loom & Leesa offers two different firmness levels. The above ratings are based on the averages of both designs.

Which one is firmest?

To determine mattress firmness, a scale from 1 to 10 is often used. On this scale, the Ghostbed falls at a 6.5 out of 10 rating, with several customers saying it initially feels like a 7 out of 10. This difference is likely due to the thick support foam that takes a few seconds to compress. The Loom & Leesa offers two different firmness levels, a relaxed firm and a firm design. The relaxed firm falls a a 6 out of 10, while the firm feels like an 8 of out 10. This variety in firmness and thick comfort layer makes the Loom & Lead ideal for larger sleepers or people who want an above-average firmness.

FIrmness (1-7)

‍How much does each mattress cost?

Although most foam mattresses available online are less expensive than traditional spring mattress, the price between foam designs still differs. Since the Loom & Leaf positions itself as a luxury product, the cost of this mattress is higher than the Ghostbed. While some sizes amount to a hundred dollar difference, other sizes can be up to several hundred dollars difference. It's also good to consider shipping fees, return fees, or setup fees. For more detailed price information by size, take a look at the following chart.

Price of Queen (USD)

Which has the highest customer ratings?

No matter where you search on the web, the reviews will differ for both mattresses. To show the variance in customer reviews, we pulled data from well-known websites and industry reviews polls. On Amazon, the Ghostbed has a 4.2 star-rating and the Loom & Leaf has 4.1 stars. However, the average web review ranks Loom & Leaf at 4.9 stars, while Ghostbed picked up 4.4 stars. Expert review websites Sleep Like the Dead and Sleepopolis also gave the two designs similar satisfaction ratings. While it is important to look at customer testimonials, you must also consider how your favorite sleeping position, price, and firmness factor into the final decision.

Customer Satisfaction (1-5)

So, which is better?

Similar to finding the perfect pillow for every person, there is no perfect mattress for every sleeper. Finding the best mattress for you depends not only on customer reviews, but mainly how the mattress matches up to your sleeping position, ideal firmness level, and price point.

With that in mind, there are several key factors that will help you make a final decision. We recommend the Loom & Leaf if you want a mattress that has a variety of firmness levels, uses natural materials, offers in-home service, and offers a thicker, balanced feel. On the other hand, the Ghostbed could be the right choice for sleepers who want a medium to slightly firmer mattress, prefer memory foam support but want immediate comfort, want a great value, and are looking to stay cool at night. No matter which one you wind up choosing, we think you'll be happy with the thick, cushion profiles of each. And remember, you can always return it within the trial period and give another mattress a try!