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Bedding • May 02, 2017

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Mattress protectors are a great way to extend the life of your mattress.  Whether you’re trying to prevent it from getting wet throughout the night, keeping dead skin off, or just need some extra comfort, a mattress protector has you covered.

For this article we reviewed several types of mattress protectors commonly available on Amazon. Looking in depth, we analyzed 34,779 customer comments and expert reports to present to you our picks for the best mattress protectors of 2017.

SafeRest Premium
SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic
Available Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Best for...
Top rated protector
Price Range
$20 - $40
Hypoallergenic cotton
SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic
% Recommended
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Luna Premium
Luna Premium Hypoallergenic
4.5 star rating
% Recommended
Available Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Best for...
Waterproof cover
Price Range
$30 - $50
Hypoallergenic cotton
Luna Premium Hypoallergenic
% Recommended
Check Price
Coop Home Goods Ultra Luxe
Coop Home Goods Ultra Luxe
4.5 star rating
% Recommended
Available Sizes
Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
Best for...
Memory foam cover
Price Range
$30 - $50
Polyester and viscose rayon
Coop Home Goods Ultra Luxe
% Recommended
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Linenspa Premium
Linenspa Premium
4 star rating
% Recommended
Available Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Best for...
Value buy
Price Range
$15 - $20
Hypoallergenic fabric
Linenspa Premium
% Recommended
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We can spend days trying to find the best mattress. And once we do it's often not cheap. So, how then do we protect our investment? 

Mattress protectors of course (but we're guessing you new that already).

These handy devices are designed to keep your mattress in prime condition year after year. Never worry about it getting your mattress too dirty or infested with mold, mites, or bedbugs, ever again.

We'll introduce you to the benefits of having a mattress cover as well as examining the selection criteria we used to pick our top recommendations.

Who's this for

Simply put, everyone should have a protector on their mattress (but that's a bit broad so let’s break it down into categories).

There's such a wide array of models from which to choose it’s important that you figure out what matters most to you and then pick a cover that matches accordingly. 

Overall, there are three types of protectors you can get, each with a different benefit depending on what you need. 

For clean folks

When was the last time you had your mattress cleaned? 

Every night while you sleep, all sorts of unwanted grime (sweat, dirt, dust, and dead skin) filters and seeps down into your mattress. 

Over time, your mattress will almost double in weight as it fills up with all of that stuff, meaning that it can become one of the dirtiest objects in your home. If that sounds horrifying, then you will want a protector that can keep all of that out. 

For extra comfort

There’s a whole range of mattress protectors out there that are specifically designed to give you a bit more padding so that you can fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

In some cases, these toppers can be even more desirable than the mattress itself, making them highly sort after for those who want to feel like they’re on a cloud. 

For pest prevention

Unfortunately, most mattresses are crawling with tiny little insects that feed on the dirt and debris that collects inside. 

Dust mites are not visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy to know that there are potentially millions of them inside your mattress. While they don’t harm humans, bedbugs can be a significant threat, which is where protectors come in. 

Some of them are specifically designed to keep pests out. If bedbugs are a problem in your area, then it’s imperative that you get a protector so that you don’t fall victim to them as well.

Bed bug

Now that we’ve seen all of the reasons to buy a protector, now is the time to figure out what features and benefits are most important to you. Not all protectors are the same, so you will have to look at various factors to determine the best model for your needs. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most common considerations to make before deciding on a final design. 

Material matters

When looking at different mattress protectors, you will see that there are four primary materials from which to choose - vinyl, down, polyester, and cotton. Let’s see how they stack up next to each other:


These protectors are meant to repel fluids and liquids, which means that they are ideal for children who wet the bed or anyone who sweats profusely during the night. 

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the liquid will soak into your sheets and comforter, so you will have to clean those more often as a result. Thankfully, vinyl is usually easy to clean as all it takes is a good wipe down, and you’re done. 


If comfort is most important to you, then you might want to get a protector that is filled with goose down. These models are thick and fluffy and provide a lot of extra padding for your bed.

If you’re allergic to goose down (or want to save money), then you can opt for a synthetic version that will give you the same feeling without triggering your allergies or costing an arm and a leg. 


This is one of the most common materials used in mattress protection which means that it is cost-effective and easy to find. 

Usually, polyester protectors will offer great benefits as far as keeping your mattress cleaner and free from dust and allergens. In some cases, you can get a specialty protector (or encasement) that will keep mites and bed bugs from infesting and breeding. 


This is another highly prevalent protector material, and it’s great because it’s hypoallergenic, cost-effective, and comfortable.

You can find multiple varieties of cotton protectors, including those that are organic and free of dyes and chemicals, if you’re concerned about such things. 

Fit for purpose

We’ve touched on these already, but you can find mattress covers that are designed for a particular purpose, rather than being a generic layer of protection for your mattress. 

The most common specialties are bed bug protection, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and dust mite protection. Here is how they all work.

Bed Bug Protector

The way that these models will work is that they use a zipper and thick fabric to prevent the bugs from infesting the mattress in the first place. If they are already inside, then the protector will suffocate them so that they die and won’t continue to cause problems.

Usually, the fabric is dense polyester or propylene so that the bugs can’t chew through. If you are already infested, then you need to get a cover for both the mattress and the box spring. 


Cotton is one of the best materials for anyone who has allergies, especially if you get an organic version. Some polyester protectors can also have this certification, but make sure that it is listed as hypoallergenic before purchasing. If it doesn’t explicitly say that it is, it probably isn’t. 


While vinyl protectors are ideal for keeping liquid out of your mattress, they are not always 100% waterproof. 

Water glass spilled on mattress cover

If you want to make sure that the mattress stays completely dry, then you will want to get a protector with a waterproof certification.

In some cases, it might be vinyl or thick polyester. For the most part, these are designed for chronic bed wetters more than anything else. 

Dust Mite Protection

If you are worried about dust mites or are allergic to them, then some protectors will be treated with a special antimicrobial coating so that mites avoid the protector as much as possible.

Also, if you get a zippered model (like the one for bed bugs), then that can suffocate the mites and prevent them from infesting your mattress overall. 

Ease of cleaning

As we mentioned, your protector will have to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that it is working properly. Thus, you want to make sure that you’re getting a unit that is machine washable so that you can toss it into the washer and dryer. Hassle-free is what you're looking for.

Some models, however, have to be cleaned either by hand or by air drying, so pay attention to the label beforehand. You don’t ruin the material by accident, or waste time in your day scrubbing at cover.

If your protector is made of vinyl or is waterproof, then cleaning is simply a matter of wiping it down every so often. 

Our selection

Looking at performance data from user reviews and expert tests, we narrowed down our choices to a dozen popular models commonly available on Amazon. 

After measuring each mattress cover against our selection criteria (fit for purpose, material use, and ease of cleaning) we settled on four recommendations: the SafeRest Premium (top overall), the Luna Premium (good waterproof performance), the Coop Home Goods Ultra Luxe (for memory foam mattresses) and the Linenspa Premium (best bang for your buck).

The SafeRest premium mattress protector will protect against just about anything. 

It protects against mites, urine, perspiration, bacteria and allergens. It is made from hypoallergenic cotton and includes a membrane back coating that is waterproof. It won’t make any noise when you’re lying on it.

The mattress protector will work for kids and pets alike, making it practical for any family.  If you’re looking for a mattress protector that will handle just about anything, this is the one for you.  It can fit any mattress size, making it practical for any household to use on different mattresses. Even if you don’t want to share it, the whole family can have one.

SafeRest Premium review

The SafeRest brand is known for the materials they use for their mattresses. The mattress protectors will protect your mattress against any accidents and perspiration you may have when you’re sleeping.

Millions of Americans are prone to dust mites in their homes, and when they are in your bed, it makes it difficult to sleep. To combat the dust mite infestation, SafeRest uses quality materials to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. The mattress protector will prevent dust mites from forming colonies on the mattress, ensuring you don’t have to deal with while the mattress protector is on your bed.

Baby laying on SafeRest Mattress Protector

The cover is made from soft and breathable cotton Terry surface that allows air to pass through the protector to the mattress. The surface is smooth and comfortable to the touch, and will absorb any liquids it encounters. The mattress protector will keep you cool while you sleep, which is beneficial if you have trouble getting too hot in the middle of the night.

The Invisa-Shield is fitted to simulate the comfort of your regular mattress. If your mattress is firm or soft, you won’t notice the mattress protector on top of it. The cover will fit on mattresses with memory foam, latex, and spring mattress to provide ultimate comfort while you’re on the bed.

The protector is fitted with PVC free waterproof material, ensuring you stay dry throughout the night. No matter how much you may sweat, you won’t notice it one bit when you wake up. If you’re tired of kicking off the sheets when you’re sleeping, you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. It’s ideal for those that love to share a bed with their pets and spouses.


One thing about this mattress protector is that it is a bit firm when you’re lying on it.  Though it might not be a deal breaker, it is something to consider if you’re looking for maximum comfort.

Depending on the type of the mattress you have, this protector may not completely cover it.  Though it doesn’t have anything to do with the protector, you want to make sure the protector will fit the mattress.

There are some people that have noticed that it will make a sound when you touch it.  If you toss and turn in your sleep, and don’t notice anything at all when you move around, this mattress protector should work just fine for you.

Sleeping on a new mattress can take some time to get used to, and using this mattress protector is no different.  You may wake up feeling sore after sleeping on it, so that is something you might want to think about.

There are some units that may not be able to completely soak up all the moisture that is exposed to the cover.  For example, for someone who sweats constantly through the night, even with the protector on, the moisture may still get through to the mattress.

The material may be too thin for some people’s preference.  If you don’t mind a mattress protector that is thinner than you expect, this one should be just fine.  Especially for those that don’t want a protector that is too thick.

Our verdict

This is an excellent mattress protector for those that tend to get hot through the night.  The biggest drawback is that it may not soak up all the moisture, so that is something you will need to consider before deciding.

It does have a lot of excellent features, but if you cannot stand the noise, you may want to look for a protector that is a bit quieter.

The Luna mattress protector comes with a 15-year warranty, which is great for those that don’t want to replace their mattress protector every year.  

The protector is designed to let air circulate through the protector and to the mattress, which can help keep you cool throughout the night.  It has waterproof membrane, and includes a fitted sheet style to keep it on tightly to your mattress. Even if you toss and turn throughout the night, the protector shouldn’t come off your bed.  

It is noiseless, as well, making it ideal for anyone that wakes up easily to noises. It is recommended for people with allergies, so you can get a good night’s sleep with the mattress protector.

Luna Premium review

Luna prides themselves on their products, and this mattress protector is no different.  They specialize in fighting dust mites, fluids, and other things that can ruin a mattress.  The materials they use for the mattress protectors takes away a dust mites breeding ground, making it ideal for anyone that wants a clean mattress. Even when you wash the sheets where the dust mites can start breeding again, the mattress protector will snuff them out.  

Luna is an American company, and they understand the problems many Americans face when they lie down for the night on a dirty mattress. They want you to stay healthy, and get a good night’s sleep, which is what every company should strive for if they deal with sleeping products.

Woman blowing nose on Luna mattress cover

The Luna waterproof airflow technology will repel water and other fluids, yet they let air pass through without a problem. Your mattress will be able to stay dry, even if you have an accident or perspire too much. The mattress cover will ensure your mattress will enjoy a long life. With the 15-year warranty, if you have any problems with the mattress protector, you can contact the manufacturer to fix the problem. It’s ideal for those that aren’t sure if the mattress protector can handle the harshest elements.

The material is PVC free, making it practical for anyone that suffers from allergies. The hypoallergenic natural cotton Terry surface keeps your mattress feeling soft and comfortable. When you combine efficiency with practicality, this mattress protector is the way to go. You will stay dry throughout the night, and you won’t feel any moisture when you’re in bed.  

The surface of the mattress comforter is designed to feel like you’re lying on your mattress. Even if you use a firm mattress or a pillow top, you will feel like you’re lying on the mattress, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. You won’t wake up from tossing and turning, especially since the mattress protector won’t make any noise when you’re trying sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day when you’re using this mattress cover. No matter how much sleep you need, you can rely on the mattress protector to keep you comfortable while limiting any noise that may wake you up.


The mattress protector can get damaged when it is put into the dryer, which can be a huge disappointment. If you plan on drying the mattress protector in the dryer, you should make sure you get the right settings. Otherwise, it will come out damp, or damaged if you don’t follow the instructions.

The size difference of the mattress protector may not fit every mattress, and that can be a concern. It’s a good idea to see what people say about the sizes, and measure your bed to find out if it will fit.

Glass of wine spilled on Luna mattress protector

Some people may feel like they’re still hot when they’re using the mattress protector.  This can ruin your good night’s sleep, and make you grumpy in the morning. While not everyone will experience this issue, it is still something you should consider before getting a mattress protector.

Depending on how much you toss and turn throughout the night, it is possible that you can wear out the mattress protector in certain spots. While the protector does come with a warranty, it is a good idea to see what it says about wear and tear, and if the manufacturer will replace it.

Our verdict

This mattress protector does have a lot to offer, and most people who use it appear to enjoy it. Depending on how much you sweat during the night, you may be better off going with something that is more breathable. It may not also fit your mattress, which can be concerning. 

Overall, people seem to like the mattress cover, so if you’re looking for a protector that is waterproof, this may be worth considering.

If you’re looking for a mattress pad that provides the ultimate protection against stains, the Coop Home Goods Ultra Luxe claims to do the trick. 

It will protect your memory foam mattress from getting ruined by perspiration, urine, and other liquids. It is hypoallergenic, and includes comfortable materials to help you get a good night’s sleep.

It is made from bamboo blends that are designed to keep you comfortable when you’re lying in bed. The protector won’t make any noise, even if you toss and turn throughout the night. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping right on top of the mattress when you’re on the bed.  

Coop Home Goods ultra luxe review

Coop Home Goods includes a 15-year warranty with the purchase of their products, which is ideal if you’re looking for something that will make your mattress last longer. The quality of the mattress is excellent, and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on something other than a bed. It’s ideal for those that don’t like any crinkly noises when they’re tossing and turning throughout the night.

The covers are designed to fit any mattress size, which is practical for those that need the right size for their mattress. No matter if your kids or pets need the mattress protector, you can be sure they’ll stay dry when it’s placed on the mattress.

The mattress pad is designed to be 100 percent waterproof, which is ideal for those that tend to sweat or have an accident in the middle of the night. Nothing is worse than having to change the sheets in the middle of the night due to an accident. 

Even though the mattress protector is 100 percent waterproof, it still allows air to pass through. This way, you don’t sweat as much, but you can be sure the protector is collecting all the liquid to protect your mattress. When you’re able to stay cool at night, you’ll sleep better, and won’t have to replace your mattress after using it for a while.

The ultra-tech fabric provides a luxurious surface for you to lay on when it’s time for bed.  The materials are made from 40 percent bamboo, which makes the mattress protector comfortable and flexible when you’re trying to sleep. 

The covers are thicker, as well, which makes collecting any liquid it is exposed to quick and easy. Even dust mites aren’t safe from the mattress protector, which is good. The last thing you want to do is wake up in the morning, covered in dust mite bites. If you’re looking for a comfortable mattress protector, it would be difficult to find one like this one.


There are people that can still overheat when they’re using this mattress protector. If you have a memory foam mattress, heat can get trapped inside, which doesn’t help you stay cool. Make sure you have a mattress that won’t trap any heat, and you should stay cool.

The mattress cover may not be completely smooth when you put on your bed. Though it is not a complete deal breaker, it is something you should consider. You can try washing the protector to see if that could help flatten it out, or try smoothing it out with your hands.

One of the biggest flaws on this mattress protector, is that it doesn’t seem to fit most mattresses. It is either too big or not snug enough. If you’re thinking about getting this mattress cover, you should measure it to make sure it will fit.

One other thing that people have noticed, is that some moisture can get through the mattress pad. Though it may have been a defective pad, it is still worrisome to see a mattress protector not keep out all the moisture. It’s important to see how much moisture is coming through to see if the product is defective.

Our verdict

If you’re looking for a mattress protector for your memory foam mattress, this is an excellent choice. However, some people have noticed that it won’t keep all the moisture out, and it can make your mattress feel hot. 

The mattress protector should provide enough protection against liquids to keep you dry throughout the night.  If you feel that you’re not getting enough cool air passing through the protector, you may be better off with a different brand. The good news is that this mattress protector does include a 15-year warranty which can help you replace it.

If you’re constrained by a budget for a mattress protector, the Linenspa Premium is an excellent option.

It has a fully-elasticized sheet to prevent any liquid from getting to your mattress. It is easy to clean, which is always good when you’re dealing with a mattress protection you can’t afford to replace.

The protector should fit any mattress you have, and you can get multiple protectors.  The protector is hypoallergenic, and doesn’t make any noise when you move around on top of the protector. You can use this protector for kids and pets, alike, making it practical for any family.

Linenspa Premium review

For a mattress protection company, you want to make sure the company has your best interest at heart. Linenspa wants you to sleep well, while making sure you’re protected while you sleep. They want you to protect your mattress from daily sleeping use, dust mites, and liquids.

The company has mattress protectors for just about any size of bed, which is good if you’re planning on getting more than one. Considering they’re making mattress protectors for those on a budget, you know you’re dealing with a company that cares about their customers.

The smooth-top surface is soft and made from hypoallergenic material. The protector is soft and quiet when you’re lying on it, making it practical for any light sleeper.  The cover is designed to breathe, which is great for those that tend to overheat at night.  You won’t wake up in a puddle of sweat when the protector is on the mattress.

If you’re afraid of spills or don’t want to get your mattress stained, you can rely on this protector to keep your mattress like normal.  it’s perfect for families that are training their kids how to use the bathroom while they’re young.


The quality of this mattress cover could be a lot better. It’s true you get what you pay for, and in this instance, it is completely true.

The mattress protector can make a lot of noise when you’re moving around on it. While you may not mind the noise, there are some people who cannot sleep with the amount of noise. If you’re using the mattress protector for a small child, they may roll around on it and not get enough sleep.

The material appears to be extremely thin, which can be huge, especially if you’re dealing with a small child. While they might sleep through an accident, this can cause the urine to leak through the protector and stain the mattress.  

Another issue that can occur is that the protector might not fit the mattress. It kind of defeats the point of having a mattress protector. You should make sure the protector fits on the mattress snugly. You don’t want to make it too tight either, which can allow liquids to leak through the protector straight onto the mattress.

Our verdict

While this isn’t the best mattress protector, it does provide some sort of blockage against liquids and stains. You may not have complete coverage on the mattress, which can be a problem. 

It appears that it has trouble fitting most beds, which is not good for a mattress protector.  If you’re trying to teach your kids how to get up in the middle of the night to ensure they know when it’s time to go to the bathroom. 

While it may not be the best mattress protector, it does serve its purpose, and will help your kid prevent wetting the bed. They may not sleep well since it does make a lot of noise, but it can help them get up in the middle of the night.

A Quick Recap
Brand Material Best for...
SafeRest Premium Cotton Top rated
Luna Premium Cotton Waterproof
Coop Home Goods Polyester Blend Memory foam
Linenspa Premium Cotton Value